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“Conquerors of America”: competition replays

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New regions global map waiting for their conquerors! Development Team World of Tanks together with the resource wotreplays.ru announces a call replays “Conquerors of America”, which can compete for prizes every player who fights in the regions, providing equipment to level VIII: North America and Arctic Circle .

The contest is held two categories – each determined the top 10 fighters. Awards given to those who inflict the most damage, or earn more than the total of “pure” experience.

Contest rules

  • The battle must be played from 8 to 20 April .
  • accepted only replays of fights recorded in the regions of North America and the Arctic Circle (technique to VIII level inclusive).
  • Play and download replay needs to be one and the same person .
  • Replay should not be a secret.
  • Fight should be written to the end.

Note: The competition is only replays uploaded from 9 April. If you downloaded the replay before this date, you need to remove it and upload again.

Nomination “Max Damage”


  • cause as much damage in one battle, spent in a region of global maps for VIII art.


  • The top 10 players will receive 1500 .

Nomination “Veteran battles”


  • Earn as much as possible ” pure “experience for the entire period of the contest. Experience summed over all loaded replays, regardless of their number. The more replays you send, the more chances to win!


  • The top 10 players will receive 2500 .

If the first place in both categories will take one and the same player, he will receive an additional prize – 1000 .

  • About what the replay and how to write it down, told here .
  • On the new maps for regions Global technology VIII level you can read in news portal .

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