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Copperfield Map Reborn
2016-09-30 17:00:00 / News

A new and improved “Copperfield” map is scheduled for Update 3.2, bringing high-tier battles and Supremacy mode to this iconic map. Read on for details!

Copperfield: Old & New


Space for Heavy Maneuvering

As one of the original maps in Blitz, our designers weren’t sure quite how players would behave on it. As it turned out, much of the map was occupied by a hill to help direct players into confrontations. We’ve since realized this wasn’t really necessary, so the hill’s size is reduced, giving players more room to maneuver — particularly when in heavy tanks.

Here’s a few details straight from level designer Mikhail Ivanov:

In terms of routes, the heavy tank area hasn’t changed. The exception is an additional route to the flag from both sides and a smoother upland area in the center. The heavy tank’s overlook was re-balanced with both vehicle approach time and cover effectiveness in mind. The wooden fences by the hill now form a “pocket” that gives players an intermediate position while approaching the enemy. Previously, battles on this map were played from quite large distances, and it was rather difficult to proceed to the center.

This “pocket” is well-protected and difficult to shoot into. Put a heavily armored tank in there and you could significantly influence the result of the battle!

Medium Tanks Have Room, Too

Medium tanks will be immediately attracted to the northern part of Copperfield, which favors maneuverability and speed. Improvements elsewhere means this area shouldn’t see the same traffic jams it experienced before, so move in with force and take control.

Fight for the Flags

Typically, players avoided the center of Copperfield unless they were going down to defend the flag. With decreased elevation changes and additional covers, this area will be safer to venture into.

This means in Encounter games, the flag is both easier to defend thanks to relocated buildings, but also safer to approach, particularly for tanks coming from the heavy tanks’ hill. In Supremacy, the the flags run down the center of the map, but flags A and C aren’t quite as secure as flag B.

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