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Crew in Update 4.3
2017-10-06 08:00:00 / News
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A high-penetrating gun, thick armor, and powerful engine — is that enough to become a true professional on the battlefield? Of course, not! The tank is just a pile of metal without a skilled crew.

We noticed that some players lack a clear understanding of how the crew skill system works. So we have not only improved the interfaces, hints, and animations, but completely reworked accelerated upgrades. In version 4.3, you will be able to accelerate crew training using Elite Experience instead of Free Experience — there is no need to spend your gold or credits now!

Let’s take a closer look at the improvements using the updated screens for interaction with the crew as an example.

Crew Mastery

As before, the interaction with the crew includes two stages: mastery training and skill training. The mastery training procedure remains unchanged in the new version, while the interfaces, hints, and animations were improved on all crew-related screens.

Crew Skills

When mastery is trained to 100%, the crew is ready to progress further, and you receive access to the skill screen. In version 4.3, level VII will be added for all skills. You will need 1,100,000 Crew Experience to unlock it. At level VII, the skill effect will be increased proportionally to the previous levels.

The Skill Reset button is not available, as there will be no XP reset and transfer option anymore.

You will be able to speed up the skill training process in the new accelerated training window.

Accelerated Training of Crew Skills

The major improvement: now you can use Elite Experience instead of Free Experience to accelerate skill training.

After all vehicle modules have been researched, the vehicle receives elite status, and Experience that the player earns on such a vehicle also becomes elite. Elite Experience is marked by the icon, its amount is shown near the vehicle icon. It is Elite Experience that you can now convert into Crew Experience. This means that you now don’t need to spend gold to exchange Experience into Free Experience before skill training.

To speed up training, Elite Experience is taken from all vehicles with elite status.

In the accelerated training window, you can see the following elements:

A skill icon, level, and name. A progress bar where the amount of Experience already spent is displayed in orange, the currently available Experience amount — in green, and the amount of Experience that you will need after acceleration to train the current skill level to 100% — in grey. On the right side of the progress bar, you can see the amount of Experience that you will receive as a result of acceleration. Under the progress bar, the two values are displayed. The first is the total amount of Experience that will be used for skill training during acceleration. The second value is the amount of Experience that is necessary to train the skill of the current level to 100%. Below you can see three acceleration options. You can select the coefficient that will be applied to Elite Experience spent: 1 to 1 (for free), 1 to 2 (using credits) or 1 to 3 (using gold). The necessary amount of Experience, credits, or gold is displayed below each option. In the lower left corner, the total amount of Elite Experience earned on all elite vehicles is displayed. The amount of Elite Experience, credits, and gold that will be spent is displayed on the right. Select the suitable variant, check the values, and press TRAIN. Skill Status in the Garage

When crew mastery is below 100%, the crew icon is displayed as follows: .

After the player receives access to skills, the icon of the currently trained skill showing the skill level and the progress bar appears in the Garage. The icon may vary depending on the selected vehicle class (medium, heavy, light tank, or tank destroyer) and the skill being trained at the moment.

When all crew skills for the particular vehicle type have been trained to 100%, the icon changes to .

About the Conversion Once Again There are only two conversion options depending on the amount of Experience. If there is not enough Experience to train the skill of the current level to 100%, the total available amount of Experience will be used at once. If there is more than enough Experience to train the skill of the current level to 100%, you can train one level to 100%, and spend the remaining amount to train the next level of the same skill or use it for another skill. Elite Experience is taken from all vehicles with elite status. Elite Experience can be converted into Crew Experience using one of the three coefficients (х1 — for free, х2 — for credits, х3 — for gold). During conversion, you cannot receive or spend less than 1 XP, credit, or gold. So there are minimum limitations for the amount of in-game currency that you can spend:

FAQ: If I don’t have enough gold or credits to train a skill to 100%, will it be trained partially?

You cannot spend part of your Elite Experience for one level — either with additional payment or without it. If you don’t have enough gold or credits to increase the training coefficient, only the first option with х1 will be available to you.

If I have enough Experience to train a skill at several levels, will they be trained at once or one after another?

At first, the skill is trained to 100% at the current level, then you can continue training it at the next level or switch to another skill.

What will happen to my undistributed Experience?

All undistributed Crew Experience will remain after the update, and you will be able to spend it how you like.

Can I use Experience from a tank destroyer to train a light tank skill?

Yes, you can. Elite Experience for skill training is taken from elite vehicles of all Tiers and classes.

And what about Free Experience? Will I be able to use it to train skills as before?

No, you will not be able to use Free Experience to train skills anymore.

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