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Hello everyone,

as you probably already know, one of the main features of patch 9.6 will be the retraining of crew members from a different role to another (for example from radioman to gunner). This change is as far as I know available ONLY for gold and on test 1, the price was 600 gold, but it was decided to reduce it to 500 gold.

As you can imagine, the price was not meant with much approval from the community and many complained that it’s too high. Here’s Storm’s answer (from the non-public section of RU forum):


“The most common case during the tanker role retraining: unlocking a new tank, retraining the crew to it from the old one and it turns out that one more tanker is needed (or, opposite, you have one tanker too many). And so, you take a free tanker and you try to put it in this tank (or in the opposite case, you take the free tanker and you retrain it to another tank).

As such:
– you retrain the tanker to another tank
– there’s a skill/perk reset (since you have a different role now)
– the role itself gets changed

At first, we charged 200 gold for each of these operations (as we did earlier), in total we got 600 gold. Then we reduced it to 500. A bulk discount :)”

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