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Hello and friends.

With the new season comes back and eSports League Digest, where we will gather every Wednesday for you the best video, wholly or partly related to the tournament in World of Tanks .

To begin with – the rating of the five best moments of the first week WGL RU . We agree with our selection? Leave your comments below the video!

famous master Dmitriy Frishman aka Sl1de from the team Na`Vi leads a very instructive program about how to play in random battles. In the second issue of “work on the bugs” – an exhibition match on a heavy German tanks E 100 on the map, “Winterberg”.

Recently, a video of Dima intvervyu film crew Red Bull, in which he spoke about the harsh routine of professional competitive players and teams commented on the results of the Grand Final. look!

Aleksey Nogin aka Arclit will not fight in this season’s European division Wargaming . net League , and acts as a full-time expert on our channel . Besides the famous player continues to teach the art of battle command. Before you – the fifteenth edition of the program “Mission Impossible” and a detachment of the British Tank Destroyers.

Who missed – “Band of Brothers” at No. 8. Dyador and his squad show how high the level of the tournament players.

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Paul «Rillion» Shabalin – a new League and the leading author of the excellent news transmission «Cybersport INSIDE». All cyber recent events – in two editions.

№ 1

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[1,999,105] № 2

remind you that WGL Gold Series gathering pace as in RU -Locality and in Europe. Offer see the best moments of the first round and remind that on June 17 is waiting for you continued !

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[1,999,105] WGL RU. First week. Day 2

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WGL RU. First week. Day 1

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