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[1,999,002] Cybersportif. Issue number 4

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Hi friends!

[1,999,014] Here is another edition of the most exciting eSports video.

Top 5

[1,999,014] as the opening act, as usual, the highlights of Five Wargaming . net League . Persistent AMX 50 [1,999,008] 100 from the team [1,999,021] GRA [1,999,010] audacious attack on 7 Plays . PB , and more!

Brothers in Arms » № 9

Aziz Angel _ Killer Habibullin returns with his transfer, in which he examines the platoon play. At this time, the platoon of light tanks in the “Fjords”.

Video from Na`Vi

“Win in the ladder with Na `Vi»

champions last season training in team battles, making fun of each other in the course of battle. Informative and interesting.

Individual level of play

What happens when there is no artillery? Players applied to 10 000 units of damage!


Koreneplod on E 50

Entertaining videos from Michael Koreneplod Galt. Learning to play E 50. [1,999,015]

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[1,999,068] Interview with FalcoH

[1,999,014] Quotes. Five questions team player Alex FalcoH Terenin .

WGL Gold Series . The best moments of the game days

WGL EU. The fourth week. Day 1