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World of Tanks combines a huge number of players. Each of the virtual tank sooner or later comes up with the idea to meet with comrades in real life, discuss the game, talk to other interesting topics, and just have a good time.

Such events organized by you, carried out more than once. On this page regularly updated list of scheduled meetings players. Follow the news!





If your city is not like-minded people find each other, you can take the initiative and self-organize such an event. To inform him about the other players, do the following:

  1. Create a theme in a special section on the official forum World of Tanks.
  2. As you created forum thread select key information:
    • Location and time of the meeting.
    • Format: it is planned to do at the meeting.
    • Constraints (eg, age).
    • For more information (if necessary).
  3. Send the address meeting@wargaming.net letter in which a link to the you created thread in the forum and let us know the name of the game organizer.

If your subject is framed correctly, information about it will appear in the table. Note: list of meetings on the portal is updated only once a week, so plan your event well in advance, so that more players were able to learn about it and visit.

The fact that the in a meeting attended by representatives decided to take the company Wargaming, we will report separately.

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City Date Discussion meeting
Barnaul December 6 Forum topic
Vladivostok November 29 Forum topic
Ivanovo Every 1st Saturday of the month Gidron37 Forum topic
Kazan Every Tuesday Ponca Forum topic
labinsk 3 or 4 January nick0925 Forum topic
Moscow December 13 OPOLEN Forum topic
Moscow Every Friday and Saturday Klykov_Arthur Forum topic
Naberezhnye Chelny Every 1st Sunday of the month BadMishar Forum topic
Orsha Date discussed FalconBY Forum topic
Perm Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month Labroman Forum topic
Sumi Every Friday Melody Forum topic
Khabarovsk December 7 Kot_pilot Forum topic
Every Saturday yura_hack Forum topic