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November 19, 9:00 (GMT) November 24, 8:30 (GMT) in the game will take action dedicated to the Day missile and artillery. At this time you are expected:

Discounts and bonuses

image Three-time experience of the crew on the entire technique, regardless of the level, type and nation .

image 50% [1,999,019] of the equipment (rammer, amplification, and so drives pickup. d.).

image 50% [1,999,019] of premium equipment (Large first aid kits, repair kits, etc. Large. d.) – both for game gold, and for loans, as well as Premium store.

image 50% [1,999,019] for equipment (first aid kits, repair kits, extinguishers, etc. d.).

image 50% [1,999,019] for additional slots in the hangar when buying in-game store, and Premium.

image 50% [1,999,019] on camouflage for all technology – both for game gold, so and for loans.

image 50% [1,999,019] on the logo and lettering for all techniques – both game gold and beyond loans.

image Save 25% for extra beds in the barracks.

image 25% [1,999,019] to reset studied skills and crew – as for game gold, and for loans.

image 25% [1,999,019] for training and retraining crew during the recruitment and transfer to another technique – both for game gold, and for loans.

image Discount 75% [1,999,019] on change of passport data of the crew.

image Specials at premium akkaun t when you buy in-game and Premium магазине:

  • 3 days – 350 instead of 650 .
  • 7 days – 680 instead of 1250 .

50% [1,999,019] on premium SAU and PT-ACS II-V levels (when buying in-game store and Premium , ).


, , , , image, , , Save 30% [1,999,019] on premium PT-ACS VI-VII levels (when buying in-game Premium and store ).

image 15% [1,999,019] SAU on IX-X levels.

Martial problem

image medium caliber “

victory in battle.
Destroy at least two cars behind enemy battle


50% more credits for battle

limit Random battles.
Test ACS III-V levels.
The problem can perform an unlimited amount of time

image large caliber

Objectives victory.
Destroy at least two cars behind enemy battle

20% more credits for battle

limit Random battles.
Test ACS VI-X levels .
tasks can be performed as many times

We remind you that all of the current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

Historical Background

November 19, 1942 at 7:30 am about three and a half thousand guns and mortars rained down a barrage of ammunition at the position of the German and Romanian troops at Stalingrad. Thus began the “Operation Uranus”, which resulted in the Germans were one of the most crushing defeats in World War II.

October 22, 1944 in commemoration of artillery forces of the Red Army on all fronts was established annual holiday – Day of artillery. Celebrate the day of the “God of War” was decided on November 19, the day of the offensive at Stalingrad.

In 1964, the festival was renamed and still bears the name of the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery.

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