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In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory Wargaming company has arranged a grand celebration on May 3 in the sports complex “Olympic”. Thousands of players have come to the event to congratulate the veterans and tell them thanks for a resounding victory. The program took a decisive battle of the National Cup of Russia in World of Tanks, and the winning team played a show match against finalist tournament series “Portraits of Victory”.

The official part of the festival, which is led by Jan Churikov and operating producer Anton Pankov began with the penetration action. Players in the stands got harvested in advance pieces of cloth, which, after a passphrase stretched the lead for the entire “Olympic” in the chorus of “Thank you for the victory.” Veterans of the Great Patriotic War – the main guests of the festival – were able to watch it from the stage.

Among the honored guests were twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the first man to walk in space, Alexei Leonov and Hero of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Pyotr Stepanovich Deinekin, as well as Deputy Director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Major General Mikhail Mikhalchik.

Алексей Архипович Леонов

Greeting Agafya Ivanovna Popova today were greeted with a standing ovation “Thank you, the younger generation, which was invited. I wish you to fulfill your desires and that there was no war! “

Приветствие Агафьи Ивановны Поповой зрители встретили бурными овациями: «Спасибо, молодое поколение, что пригласили. Желаю вам, чтобы исполнились ваши желания, и чтобы не было войны!»

Anton Pankov “We do not just a game about military equipment. We are doing a project here, keeping a sense of patriotism, of responsibility and love for the country. “

Антон Панков: «Мы делаем не просто игру про военную технику. Мы делаем свой проект здесь, храня чувство патриотизма, ответственности и любви к Родине».

The official part ended the show video “With the Victory Day” (“Blue Bird”), which Wargaming team prepared for the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Its director Alexander Kott made famous in the film “Brest Fortress”. Specially written song sang winner show “The Voice” Julia Teschenko.

To the sound of the legendary “On the field tanks rumbled” performed “Chizh & amp; Co »the guests rushed to take place in the play area. The band played for over an hour – the band played their hits.

Each player this day was an opportunity to show what he can do. In a game zones standings was established more than 300 computers for the battle World of Tanks and 90 tablets for playing World of Tanks Blitz. Every hour on the festive scene “Olympic” was awarded the best players of hours. In the evening it became known to the best player of the day – tenth grader from Moscow Artem showed the best result in the individual competition.

Artem : “I have 15 thousand fights, I’ve been playing for three years and then abandoned” tank “. Today was the first fighting a year later. Three times sat at the computer, and the third time was the best. “

Артём: «У меня 15 тысяч боёв, я играл три года и потом забросил «танки». Сегодня были первые бои спустя год. Три раза сел за компьютер, и в третий раз оказался лучшим».

As correctly pointed out Jan Churikov driving holiday, this day “two realities – virtual and real – have grown together.” In the lobby of the third floor there was a family park of Victory, and all the “Olympic” has become a real quest zone. For those who have no desire to follow the eSports competitions or take part in the individual competition, opened seven floors of entertainment. For the youngest guests a children’s garden.

The day on stage “Olympic” hosted three matches. Total passed 21 fight, the teams played an average of three minutes, which is two times less than the maximum possible.

Silver Cup national team of Russia took ALEHI. Champion of Russia in World of Tanks began ROX.KIS, then as a result of intense and intriguing fights and beaten finalists tournament series “Portraits of Victory” – the famous command _NIDIN _.

Sergey “Flash” Karapetyan who sat on the site of the commentator from 12 noon until late at night, shared his impressions of the fighting «& ldquo; The Rocks & rdquo; We showed a stable game, proving that they should be the owners of the Cup of Russia. Moreover, virtually no chance to destroy command _ NIDIN_, showing that they are the strongest and the CIS, because until then _NIDIN_ defeated teams from Belarus. I liked that team _NIDIN_ fought to the last – the guys played very well. I confess, I was sick of them, but the whole score of the game – the team Rox.Kis was stronger than all. ”

team Rox.Kis consist guys from different cities of Ukraine and Russia. Captain Akirych (AKIR [1,999,015] 4 [1,999,016]) said that for the team it was a good test, because most players Rox.Kis this composition it was the first experience of playing on stage .

“We miksanulis three weeks ago – tells Akirych with the cup in his hands. – We are very memorable match with _ NIDIN_, champions & ldquo; Victory Portraits & rdquo ;. It had some very intriguing rounds. And, of course, with the ALL IN it was very difficult: it is a high-level team. But the winner is the one who makes fewer mistakes. We made smaller, so have won. “

All winners in the end of the day a holiday celebrated with fireworks.

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