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Dead Rail is Back on Track
2017-01-20 18:00:00 / News

We’ve been working on overhauling the “Dead Rail” map, with a new and improved version coming with Update 3.5. Special thanks to everyone who tried the “Dead Rail Test” Training Rooms and gave feedback!

Dead Rail Before & After

Left: Old Dead Rail; Right: New Dead Rail

Head for the Hills

The hills behind the train tracks will see minor changes in terrain and cover, and more equal access for both teams. Favored sniper positions will remain, but we’ve ensured snipers will no longer be able to control the entire area.

“Roosts” along the border that were typically used by faster tanks are removed in the name of fairness.

This Town’s Big Enough for the Both of Us

The train cars outside of town get adjustments, removing ambiguous shoot-through openings and dead ends. Now the train yard should be easier to move through.

Minor adjustments were made to the town, including the visual quality of the buildings, reducing areas vulnerable to sniping, and widening the passage between buildings. We also removed that invincible bulldozer.

The Wild West

The western part of the map is a tank destroyer paradise, but getting TDs into position was sometimes frustrating. Now those positions are easier to reach.

We’ve also removed hills near the border that gave unhindered views of the entire map, so sneaky players will no longer be able to shoot across the whole map. For slower vehicles, there’s more cover points to improve chances of survival if spotted.

A More Beautiful Battlefield

The original version of Dead Rail was a bit dreary with its snow and overcast skies. We’ve livened things up with brighter weather, aircraft in the skies, and the booms of anti-air gunfire. We also added lots of tiny details for you to discover.

Look for the new Dead Rail in Update 3.5!

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