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WoT 0.9.5
friends tomorrow December 22, 2014 year gaming servers MMO games “World of Tanks” will not be available with 3:00 to 12:00 (MSC) as the specified time will be place of work to produce a game update to version 0.9.5. On the same day from 3:00 to 10:00 (GMT) will be unavailable portal. In addition, December 22, 2014 to 3:15 (GMT) until January 12, 2015 3:15 (GMT) will be “frozen” game situation on the Global Map.
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The most important thing in this update WoT 0.9.5:

  • New British equipment: tanks and PT-ACS.
  • Three new maps: “Mittengard”, “Lost City”, “Winterberg”.
  • players who at the start of the technical work is active premium account or other temporary services (for example, camouflage), will be compensated day premium account and / or using the services of a day starting at 3:00 AM (MSC) December 22, 2014 according to the rules.

    We kindly ask you to refrain from making payments on December 22 from 3:00 to 11:00 (GMT).

    List of changes version 9.5

    A new technique

    Added a new branch of British tanks and PT-ACS:

    • Light Tank Level II M2.
    • Light Tank Level III Stuart I.
    • Medium Tank Level IV Grant I.
    • Medium Tank level V Sherman III.
    • PT-ACS level V Archer.
    • Medium Tank Level VI Sherman Firefly.
    • PT-ACS VI level Achilles IIC.
    • PT-ACS VII level Challenger /Avenger.
    • PT-ACS VIII level Charioteer.
    • PT-ACS IX level FV4004 Conway.
    • PT-ACS X level FV4005 Stage 2.
      • For sale only in the Premium Shop added premium German medium tank Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71.

      For Test participants Supertesta added:

      • French medium tank VIII level AMX Chasseur de char (46).
      • French light tank VII level AMX 13-57. [1,999,025]
      • Japanese Medium Tank VIII level ST-A2.
      • Soviet Tank Destroyers VIII level ISU-130.

      “fortified area”

      • Added the ability to use both the Office of the reserve and the reserve of another building.
      • The capacity of all buildings increased from 10 trained reserves to 1000.
      • Fixed incorrect work with the Office of the reserve re-loss mission.

      Maps and objects

      Added new game cards

      “Mittengard” (for initial levels of fights) – a small card designed specifically for fighting initial levels. Starting positions on rocky slopes provide no cover, so the best tactic would be hasty busy city streets. On both sides of the city’s cathedral is located artillery – a breakthrough in this area will be a significant contribution to the victory.

      “Lost City” (for team fights) – as cyber arena events are invited symmetric mixed map a careful balance created by the leading players. The special features of the card should include the opportunity to fight in the center on several levels, leading the fire with a small group of enemy tanks while maintaining visual contact with the rest of his forces. Restrained color palette and soft daylight designed to provide maximum comfort in the game.

      “Winterberg” – card is completely identical to the well-known “Ruinbergu”, differing from it only by the time of the year. Circular area in the western part of the city serves as a protracted positional battles. Concentric streets fit for the gradual breaking the enemy’s defense forces heavily armored equipment, as long radial streets will permit dagger fire on the enemy. Eastern Region maps quite open and quite suitable for maneuvers medium tanks, but only if they control a small village in the middle of the zone.

      • Version 9.5 game locations “Severogorsk” and “Ruinberg on fire” on the Global Map will be replaced. Removed from the game card “Severogorsk” and “Ruinberg in the fire.”
      • Fixed some uneven terrain maps: “Fishing cove”, “Pass”, “Vindstorm.”
      • Fixed some game and visual problems on the map “Stalingrad”.
      • Fixed race in the non-fiction area on the map “Vindstorm” and “Pass”.
      • Fixed some visual defects on the map “Vindstorm.”
      • Reduced memory consumption on the map “Vindstorm.”

      • Fixed bugs visual models and models of some objects damage the environment.

      Graphics, system parameters, synchronization

      • Reduced memory consumption by the client of the game.
      • Improved performance on some computer configurations.
      • Changed download sounds, which should reduce the number of ‘Frisians “during the battle.
      • disconnected from the disk streaming music and noise environment at zero values ​​of the volume.
      • Fixed some” hangs “and” crashes “the game client.
      • Fixed “freezes” while playing some special effects.
      • The creation of screenshots in Windows by pressing Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen, if the application is minimized WoT.
      • Fixed unloading worldoftanks.exe of processes after closing customer.
      • Fixed display of highly detailed shadows from some objects in low quality shadows.
      • Fixed the lack of his own shadow in the tank in sniper mode.

      Changing the military equipment

      • Fixed some problems and shortcomings of visual models of tanks Maus, JagdPanther (fixed sizes guns), M4A3E8 Fury, KV-1C, Centurion Mk. 7/1 IC-7.
      • Fixed bugs camouflage tanks Churchill I, T-34-85M, T-54 region., Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, T-34, M3 Lee.
      • Fixed some problems and shortcomings damage model tanks Maus, T28 Concept, SU-14.
      • Fixed the brightness and color of the caterpillars of some HD-tanks.
      • Fixed display of emblems and inscriptions on some tanks.
      • Damage China RP-122 mm projectile Sha bao-471 increased from 465 to 530 units.

      An object 907:
      armor-piercing shells UBR-412B will be replaced by Subcaliber UBR-412PB, thus, the average penetration of the projectile base increased from 219 to 264 mm (specified sabots is the base for other CT X level of the USSR) .

      Changed the following characteristics gun D-54TS:

      • aiming time is reduced from 2.3 to 2 seconds.
      • cooldown reduced from 7.1 to 6 5 seconds.
      • spread when firing on the move reduced by 20%.

      rebalance Tank Destroyers FV215b (183) : increased head-book rotary cutting and reduced throughput and speed of rotation:

      • Speed ​​of rotation running FV215b changed from 32 to 24 deg / sec
      • patency FV215b running on hard soils reduced by 50%, on average ground – 43% on weak ground – at 25%.

      Other fixes

      • Player will receive an additional 10% experience for the damage to his lights, for each level of the difference between the player and the tank illuminated target, but not more than 30%.
      • The functionality of the mini-map. Added vector vision arc of fire (only for ACS), the display name of the tank, where it had been displaying “light up” the tank.
      • Now a warning for failure to act in the battle will be issued only if the third violation in a row, the penalty will be applied after the fourth violation .
      • Fixed some interface and game flaws in the “fortified areas.”
      • Listed interface improvements in the special box fights.
      • Changed interface re-obtain the sign klassnosti.
      • Improved the display of camouflage on the tank in the improved graphics.

      • Reworked the effects of falling shells in the tank.
      • increase the volume end of the recharge.
      • Changed text conditions for the issuance of medals “Pyro” “Demolitions” and “Kamikaze”.
      • Medal “Rider 2014” moved into the category of “Special”.
      • Fixed “flicker” technique markers on the mini-map.
      • Fixed counting the number of hits to external modules (track and instrument) in posleboevoy statistics.

      • Fixed problem with non-receipt of the status of “elite” in some tanks pumped for all modules.
      • Fixed “utopanie” tank in the floor of the hangar.
      • Fixed platoon chat off when you turn off the combat chat in random battles.
      • Fixed display of messages in the combat chat after reconnecting to fight.
      • Fixed failure to issue a medal “Support “If a player only caterpillars damage enemy vehicles.
      • Fixed a rare move the camera to the zero position when switching between the allies in the” afterlife. “
      • Fixed display of tank tracks when switching between the allies in the” afterlife. “
      • Corrected a few laps hit when firing into the water at an angle.
      • Fixed broken restrictions on guns decline after his injury.
      • Fixed broken crew returned to the car, if planted before the crew filled the barracks.
      • UPDATE list of tips on the loading screen combat.
      • Fixed bug when trying to get into auto search in team combat.
      • Fixed some minor interface bugs and some text messages.

      In the battle! Not?!

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