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A new version of the game available for download and installation through the launcher, game servers work in normal mode.

In the coming days in test mode will be returned to the server RU4, located in Novosibirsk (now the server is present in the select list of servers, but you can not go). The test period will last for the Christmas holidays, on the results will be reported separately.

How to install the game alternative ways

1. In order to update the game with the previous version:

  1. Download the file by clicking on one of the links listed below.
  2. Place the downloaded file in the folder Updates, which is in the root directory of the game (for example: D: Games World_of_Tanks Updates).
  3. Start the game launcher and wait for the installation of the update.

Checksum MD5: bb7feae1a505825aae1569dadd7ede17

On how using MD5 check the integrity of the file and update the game client installer, you can find here .

2. Automatically receive updates via torrent RSS, you can add yourself to the torrent client RSS-feed World of Tanks :

  1. Download and install any torrent client with support for automatic download via torrents RSS- mailings (we recommend μtorrent).
  2. Set automatic download updates via torrent RSS into Updates game client ( instructions for setting up RSS for μtorrent ). Use the following link to update the Russian client WoT: http://update.worldoftanks.ru/rss

December 22 game servers were unavailable from 3:00 [1,999,041] to 11 : 00 (MSC), as at a specified time were working on release 9.5 update. On the same day from 3:00 to 9:00 (GMT) was unavailable portal.


  • 22 December 2 : 15 (GMT) until December 23, 3:00 (GMT) will be canceled battle for the fortified area (attacks were not available on December 22 from 3:00 to 11:00 (GMT))
  • December 22, 3:15 (MSC) until January 12, 3:15 (GMT) will be “frozen” game situation on the Global Map.

The most important thing in this update:

  • New British equipment: tanks and PT-ACS.
  • Three new maps: “Mittengard”, “Lost City”, “Winterberg”.

players who at the start of the technical work is active premium account or other temporary services (for example, camouflage) will be compensated day premium account and / or using the services of a day starting at 3:00 AM (GMT) on December 22, according to these rules .

Kindly refrain from making payments on December 22 from 3:00 to 11:00 (GMT).

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