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Hello everyone,

remember how we talked about BT-SV some time ago and how I predicted it would be available for 100 EUR with a heap of gold? Well, it’s here!

Today, as a part of the advent calendar, following package available. WG sure wants to harpoon those whales!

Price: 99 EUR
Concent: BT-SV, garage slot, 27500 gold, 30 days of premium

So, if you want to spend 100 EUR for a tier 3 tank – go ahead :) Just so there is no mistake though: unlike the Panzer II Ausf.J (which would be actually worth the price, as it is the most OP vehicle in the game currently), BT-SV is crap. Don’t bother.

One more thing though: usually, with this kind of posts, there are people who come and say “SS Y U SO UNGRATEFUL”. Please, let me make one thing absolutely clear. Every discount, every event, every bundle in this game – they are all have one purpose. To make Wargaming more money. Not to please the players (or at least not primarily), not to make you happy but to make money. And that’s absolutely fine, Wargaming is no charity. You however have to treat (especially) every discount not as a favour for you (as some players sadly do), but as a business deal.

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