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Defend Naval Frontier!
2017-09-07 12:00:00 / Common
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The rain has just stopped, a salty breeze blows from the south. A cozy historical castle hides among the hills. But this sea shore will not stay silent and peaceful for long. Very soon, tank battles will rage on this rocky landscape.

Meet a new map—Naval Frontier. Vehicles of Tier V and higher will fight in the labyrinth of cliffs, ruins, and fortifications. This map is designed to suit all types of vehicle. Numerous passages and shoot-through positions allow for numerous tactical maneuvers.

Legacy of the past

Mossy and swardy rocks will see many fierce clashes. In the upper left corner to the north of the map, there is an ideal corridor for suppressing the enemy with heavy tanks. From here, you can try to break through to an enemy position or take over the advantageous area with gates, in order to support allies with fire.

Tank destroyers can settle on nearby hills and cover their teammates.

Right behind the gates, in the very center, there is a stately but time-weathered castle. It is not a castle for a princess, but a mighty medieval fortification, which outlived its founders and tyrant masters, and will withstand dozens of battles to come.

Wave from the balcony

On both sides of the castle, there are two elevated plateaus. These cozy “balconies” are perfect for tank destroyers: they offer an excellent view of the castle area. From here, tank destroyers can cover the neutral base and shoot at some tank destroyer positions, as well as fortifications in the south, where enemy scouts may hide.

On the seashore

At the bottom of the map in the south, there are positions for seashore defenders. Commanders of light and medium tanks can demonstrate their spotting skills here.
There are many convenient passages to the wall, so heavy tanks and tank destroyers can seize their chance and take an advantageous position. Tank destroyers can also help their teammates on the wall by defending approaches to the fortification.

Developers would like to express their gratitude to everyone that helped test the new map. You helped us fix several bottlenecks and imbalances, and make battles on the Naval Frontier map more exciting.

See you on the battlefield!

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