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Design Camo for Blitz!
2016-05-16 20:00:00 / News
Here’s your chance to see camo you’ve designed appear in Blitz!

We’re holding a contest to add one player-designed camo pattern to World of Tanks Blitz. One lucky entrant, selected from a worldwide pool of entries will have their work featured in-game, but other designers will earn Gold and a rare in-game medal!

Contest Details Participants must submit a tileable PNG file with dimensions of 256×256 pixels. Players are limited to submitting one entry, which must be uploaded in this thread. Entries must be submitted between May 16, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET and May 30, 08:59 PT / 11:59 ET.

What the heck does “tileable” mean? Each 256×256 pixel image must align across each edge so that it can be tiled to create a larger image. This means the left and right edges and top and bottom edges must align seamlessly. See the image at right for an example of five square images used to create one larger, tiled image.


One camo design will appear in Blitz. That’s the big prize. Our region will also select a first, second and third place winner.

1st Place: 5,000 Medal for Creative Input 2nd Place: 3,000 Medal for Creative Input 3rd Place: 2,000 Medal for Creative Input

The “Medal for Creative Input” is an exceptionally rare medal that will appear on the profiles of winning players!

Tips for Designing Camo Remember, Blitz is fun! There’s no need to be realistic. Make a pattern to stand out on the battlefield to taunt your foes, or demoralize the enemy team with a unique design. The possibilities are endless! Too many colors will blend together at a distance. Pick a few striking colors and stick with those! Downloadable Templates

We’ve put together some useful templates for use in this contest. The first is a basic PNG image that can be edited in most image editing programs. The others are Photoshop files that use Smart Objects, so you’ll need to have a newer version of Photoshop to run them.

Template for E100 Template for FV215b (183) Template for IS-7 Template for STA-1 Template for T110E5

Using the Smart Object templates: Double-click the camo layer and it will open in a new window. Save it to see your camo design applied to a tank, then save the 256×256 image as a PNG when you’re happy with the results.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY HERE Rules and Conditions Any World of Tanks Blitz player can participate, but each player may only submit one entry. It is the contestant’s responsibility to upload their final image to the appropriate thread. Entries must be 256 pixels by 256 pixels in PNG format. No other resolution or file types will be accepted. After the publication of the work in the official contest topic, the exclusive rights for the work are conveyed to Wargaming in accordance with the End User License Agreement. The work should be created specifically for the contest and during its period.  By participating in the contest, the participants agree with its rules and conditions.

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