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Dev Q&A on New Equipment
2017-05-17 16:00:00 / News

The Equipment system introduced in Update 3.8 has been a controversial topic in the community. The dev team shared this Q&A in an attempt to clear up some questions regarding the system, and so we’re passing it on to you.

Update 3.8 brought a new vehicle equipment system to Blitz. Some players weren’t happy with it, because they now have to explore the pros and cons of each module, get used to the new slot system, and wait until the unlocking timer runs out before they can use new equipment.

Last weekend we gathered members from some of the biggest Blitz Clans for a virtual meeting. Tankers shared their opinions on the new equipment and asked us some questions.

Why don’t you bring the old system back?

Any online game should develop and add new updates, features, and opportunities for players. At the same time, it’s expected that new features will not affect any of the old ones and leave game mechanics untouched. Unfortunately, it’s impossible, as new systems bring changes to familiar features.

The game can be either developed or preserved in a certain state (in this case, it might soon become boring). We hope you agree with us when we say that the game should not stop developing and growing.

The new system aims to improve the game and provides tankers with more options on how to improve their vehicles’ characteristics. That said, since launching the new system, we’ve been gathering information about its usage in order to be able to make any necessary changes.

Doesn’t Equipment creat unequal conditions in battle?

Only fully equipped vehicles should enter the battle! It will definitely increase your effectiveness. However, let’s make something clear:

Equipment is not magic giving you +50% to the chance of a win. The result of any battle depends more on your skills, the tactics you choose, and actions of both teams.

Should you select the wrong direction, leave cover too early, decide not to defend the base, block your ally, or sit in the bushes throughout the whole battle — that will impact the result of the battle much more than whether or not you had a vertical stabilizer mounted.

We’re not asking you to play without equipment, but we’d encourage you to try going into battle with a basic set of equipment from level I slots. Your effectiveness won’t really change if you play wisely.

 Why did you decrease the bonus provided by rammers?

It concerns balance: the former bonus was adjusted for the three-slot equipment system. Now you can mount nine pieces of equipment on your vehicle. As a result, the old bonuses would ruin the new system by making vehicles too powerful. This is also why each of the nine slots features two pieces of equipment of different types and only one of them can be mounted on the vehicle.

The rammer bonus wasn’t decreased just for one particular player; it was decreased for all players. Vehicles shoot a little less frequently, but all players play in the same conditions.

I’ve noticed a strong lack of Spare Parts. Is that intended?

No, it is not. This problem will solve itself with time. Many players have several dozens of vehicles in their Garages, so they don’t have enough Spare Parts for the entire vehicle fleet. But you will gradually collect enough Spare Parts to unlock new slots for purchased tanks in time.

 Why Spare Parts and not Credits?

Credits are not used to unlock slots for levels II or III because that would be too expensive, especially for high-tier vehicles:

Previously, players needed 1,800,000 to fill in three equipment slots for a tier X vehicle.

If prices remained the same, players would have had to pay 5,400,000 for nine slots. They can purchase one more tier X vehicle for this amount.

Even if we reduce costs by half, the entire set of equipment for a vehicle will still remain too expensive: 2,700,000 (300,000 for one slot).

That’s why we introduced time shift mechanics and a separate currency for equipment—Spare Parts.

Unlike Credits, Spare Parts are only used to unlock Equipment slots. Spare Parts are not spent on shells, repairs, camouflage resupply or new vehicle purchase. With regular play, Spare Parts will inevitably accumulate.

In addition, we will introduce new ways to obtain Spare Parts, such as tournaments and event rewards. Players can already complete an alternative task series for the Field Test event and earn Spare Parts.

Why should we wait for a slot to unlock?

The time shift is a common game mechanic. In this case, time serves as a kind of currency similar to Credits, Gold, XP, etc.

To unlock and purchase vehicles, players should collect and spend two currencies: XP and Credits. To earn them, they should fight in battles. To mount equipment, players will need Spare Parts and time. The advantage of time is that players don’t need to earn it—it passes by itself. The timer will do its job while you are busy with your everyday routine.

The purpose of Equipment is to make your vehicle a little better than that of your enemy. If this objective is met without any effort, Equipment will lose its purpose and value. As a result, we can’t make equipment easily accessible.

The combination of a timer and Spare Parts is the most convenient way of unlocking slots. It allows us to preserve the value of new Equipment but doesn’t require you to grind Credits, which can be spent on other things.

In future upcoming updates, the Equipment system will remain unchanged but we will continue to collect feedback. We’ll improve the system in the future if it proves to be necessary.

Thank you for constructive criticism and feedback, as well as for your readiness to cooperate and make the game better!

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