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Hello everyone,

a video with some answers from a developer Aleksander Ivanov appeared on one RU youtube channel. It’s mostly stuff we know, but Aleksander Ivanov, an “executive producer”, answered some questions as well (and those are new).

– there are no plans to replace the invite codes with a permanent bonus (gold, premium time) for newly made accounts – “if you want gold, participate in WG events and competitions”
– currently, there is still a 5 arty per team hardcap in existence, it will not be reduced to lower number, average number of arty per team is 1-2
– there are no plans to introduce hardcap on non-mobile (not as dynamic) classes (TD’s) in the game, simply because “some players are coming to the game to relax”
– there are however changes happening to remedy the “shooting bushes” (AKA “invisible TD”) issue, for example the TD viewrange nerf or changes to maps
– developers are (relatively soon, but it might be delayed) add a “clan window” to the client, in which the player will be able to see all the info about a clan (which players are in it, what’s its status in CW, stronghold)
– no plans to introduce one-man training rooms
– no plans for WoT for Linux (Ubuntu or any other)
– it’s possible WoT Blitz might come for Windows Phone, but not anytime soon
– T-50-2 will not return to WoT, in the game it was unhistorical
– developers are considering an absolutely new game mode, there are several prototypes

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