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As usual, the Friday “Developer Hour” show on Wargaming FM, this time with Anton Bobrov, product manager and the topic is “mods”:

-Currently the idea is to expand the modmaker community, to work with modmakers and to support them directly from Minsk. There are a lot of issues in this endeavor, such as the fact that there’s no unified knowledge database or set of tools, an official discussion platform etc. (RG: this concerns mostly RU server, don’t expect miracles on EU);
-Mods appeared in the game in version;
-More than a half of players uses mods;
-The “Battle Assistant” artillery mod is not banned, but also not recommended by Wargaming and doesn’t appear in popular modpacks. Nevertheless, the person who made it is very talented (RG: Funny because Wargaming chose it as the winner of a Mod contest);
-There is no clear definition as to which mod is a cheat and which is not. WG reviews each mod individually and decides ad hoc.
-A “mod manager” (an application allowing you to easily select which mods to run) is a really good idea according to WG, they are thinking about it. It would look something like the App Store magazine.
-Currently, developers are working on the WG Stream mod, there’s an idea to make players able to watch streams within battles;
-Mods DO affect FPS, especially larger modpacks – situations where modpacks “eat” 10-20 FPS are not uncommon;
-“AutoMessage” mod (the one that writes in chat that the player was spotted and other stuff) will be “fixed”, developers are not happy with the chat spam;
-At one point, WG wanted to create their own modpack, but then they realized an official WG modpack would “strangle” all other modpacks to death and WG would gain a monopoly, which is not something they wanted;
-XVM will not be implemented into the game;
-Next week, there will be a meeting with WoWs developers and it will be decided what will happen with the mod situation in WoWs (RG: Hope they keep a strong fist on cheat mods);
-WG wants modmakers to make new mods, mods will not be banned as a whole;
-It’s possible there will be another Wargaming Developer Contest;
-WG developers want players to use mods;
-WG is working with certain modmakers, helping them in writing their mods, it’s very productive work;
-WG Stream and Wargaming FM mods were made by modmakers on WG commission;
-It’s possible cybersports will have a list of mods that are allowed;
-There has been a “tactical pad” mod for clans for a long time, but it found its users among solo players as well;
-How WG identifies cheat mod users is a “secret” (RG: It’s understandable, other companies tend to do the same but just start on banning them already!).

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