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weekly Wargaming radio show “Developer Hour”, where developers are talking about various matters, is here again. Today’s topic is “new motion physics” with community managed Roman Tabolin and project manager Roman Kunin. The show was kindly transcribed by VK WoT Express community.

– developers will balance new “camping spots” (lit. “crow nests”), that appear with the introduction of new physics. If such a spot is found to be too imbalanced, it will be fixed immediately.
– there will be several rounds of the physics test
– the most popular tanks of the current test are ELX and AMX-13/90
– graphic fixes of current collision models are not planned for near future
– new motion physics should minimize the amount of cases, where you get stuck on terrain features

– current round of physics test will last until 2.3.2015
– a tank will not tip on its roof when drifting (unless you are on a heavy slope and other conditions are met)
– physical models of tanks now have a whole bunch of new parameters under the new system
– “ground friction” is currently being set up, developers are working on it
– new physics do not influence shell trajectory
– developers are trying to “get rid of uncomfortable parts of current gameplay and to expand the borders for players”
– if you destroy enemy tank by turning it on the roof, you will be granted a kill. If multiple tanks help in tipping the opponent on the roof, the kill will go to the person who touched him last
– new motion physics does not influence FPS
– in the first version (iteration), a tank tipped on its roof had its ammo rack explode, but instead of the turret, it was the tank body that flew away
– it is now possible to “sit a tank on its belly” (SS: as in the terrain touching the bottom of the tank while the tracks are in the air and the tank cannot move)
– if a tank falls on another tank, it will instead of one large damage will work as “ticks”
– it was also possible very early on for tiny tanks to actually drive UNDER large tanks, but it’s not possible for now
– autoban system will be fixed to fit new physics

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