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every week, Wargaming FM radio runs a one-hour show, an interview with various developers on various topics. Earlier I translated the show name as “developer time”, which is not correct, sorry for that (was caused by the fact that the same word means “time” in Czech and “hour” in Russian). This time, it’s about game-mastering (punishments for breaking the rules) and the developer is a person from the GM derpartment, introduced only as “Kirill”. Here’s what he said. Please note that this deals with ingame report system, so when I write “report”, I mean “complaint in the game”, unless specifically stated otherwise.

– developers are collecting statistics on ingame complaints and it’s possible that the number of complaints will be increased, but the issue with this is that people use 2-4 complaints on one rule breaker
– the system deals with several million complaints every month
– when a complaint is made, it is saved on the server along with chat log, general battle log, damage log etc., everything is written down and WG employees have a look at the sum of information and make a conclusion out of it
– to report one player multiple times is completely pointless, the report will be investigated either way even it you report only once
– earlier, the amount of reports per day was limited to 5
– if multiple players report one player, that one player will be investigated earlier
– the amount of reports does influence the speed with which the reports against that player are handled

– it is true that the players with most reports against them are investigated first
– developers would like to implement a “positive report” (saying “thank you” to someone) – it’s possible it will be implemented, but there is no final decision yet
– voting on ban/kick will not be implemented
– investigation of reports by normal players (like it is in CS) will not be implemented, it’s too much responsibility and it would only end by people banning each other
– as a general rule, troll platoons are not punished, as they are not forbidden by rules, but situations where tier 10 tank brings tier 1′s into high tiers are investigated on individual basis
– bots are a major issue at the moment (they are being developed very fast), WG is strongly opposing them. When investigating a bot complaint, more WG resources are spent than when any other type of complaint is investigated
– general punishments for rule breaking are the following: 1 hour ban, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and permaban
– investigating forbidden mods is the most difficult issue for game masters, as the files are running on player’s PC, but WG has some methods of fighting them and can determine, whether the player used illegal mods or not
– more complaint reasons will not be added, all the main points are already there
– developers are keeping tabs on recidivists, there is even a top ladder of rule breakers
– the compensation for damage caused to you by allies will not be implemented
– false reports do not lead to punishment
– do not respond to provocation, you will also be punished
– complaint system abuse by platoon, clan or company (as in, entire clan reports someone) will be noticed by game masters
– the automatic ban system (punishment for teamdamage) does take various factors in account, such as where the tank is located, where is it looking, how much damage did the player do etc
– the system keeps track of “teamkill points” and it’s possible that if you damage someone in the battle, you will be banned before the next battle after your last battle ends
– complaints in battle and after battle are reviewed exactly the same way

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