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– developers are not considering limiting the amount of provices a CW clan can hold at the same time
– new CW 2.0 (CW overhaul) will bring “improved conditions for smaller clans”
– it’s possible that the Stronghold mode will overlap with CW
– CW 2.0 ETA: “when it’s done it’s done”
– whenever a new tank is introduced in the game, the demands (conditions) for a mastery badge are considered by averaging other vehicles of the same class and tier
– developers are not planning to limit CW obtained vehicles to non-random battles
– 9.8 shouldn’t be delayed after all despite the 9.7 delay
– there will be better garage tank filters in the future
– 9.8 will bring “some cool features”
– 9.8 test will start in May
– the mass-production of HD models was already started and theoretically HD models should be now produced and implemented
– Storm on ultra-HD textures: “For now, our position is that players do not need those. But there are several opinions on that within Wargaming. It’s possible something will change.”
– Storm’s personal opinion is that super high resolution tank textures are not needed when the rest of the game (maps) still uses poor lowres textures. These things make sense only when the maps get reworked to HD. He is personally satisfied with the current HD tank texture quality.
– developers are considering reducing the artillery alpha
– it’s possible that the alleged 9.7 separation of newbies and experienced players on low tiers is not working correctly on RU, Storm is investigating
– there is an issue in 9.7 with debriefing text screen resolution, it will be fixed
– players claim that the “Berlin Cromwell” model has a wrong gun – in the description, it should have the elice Cromwell gun but visually it corresponds to the pre-top gun. According to Storm this is intentional.
– the current IS-2 Berlin text description in the client is wrong as well (it will be fixed)
– the rule where one HE shell cannot kill more than a half of the entire tank crew with one shot is active only for non-penetrating HE hits
– it’s possible that Type 62 will be buffed
– 9.7 is not introducing the XP for tanking
– developers checked the barrel rinks (marks of excellence) mechanism. It is correct.
– according to Storm, the most important feature of BigWorld is that it allows the players to play even on really bad computers (unlike Frostbite, CryEngine and Unreal engine). Developers tested it.
– apparently the 9.7 brought a nasty bug where artilleries and light tanks for some reason are being stacked in the queues and not put in battles.

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