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Developer Q&A – August 25, 2015
2015-08-25 17:41:30 / News

Are you planning to introduce the Pz.I C and the Luchs?

Yes, we have plans to do so.

Should we expect camouflage this year?

We are doing our best to add this.

There are quite a few bushes on Blitz maps in order to prevent medium tanks and tank destroyers from camping during the whole battle. But will concealment have a greater impact on gameplay?

Yes, there will be more of an impact.

Will penalties for unsporting conduct become more severe?

Yes, we are planning to make them stricter.

What branch of French vehicles will be introduced first? Wouldn’t it be easier to add the branch up to the T57 Heavy first of all?

We haven’t made the final decision yet. Furthermore, we haven’t announced that French tanks will be introduced earlier or later than the T57 Heavy.

When will we see Clan chat?

In version 2.1.

What maps will be reworked after version 2.0? What kind of things will be changed?

We are reworking Desert Sands. It will be a comprehensive redesign, but we will not introduce any drastic changes.

It was officially announced that Windows 10 will support apk files (Android application packages). What do you think about this?

That’s great news!

Are you thinking about adding a daily bonus for entering the game every day?

Of course we are.

There have been some rumors that World of Tanks on PC will provide the option to lease a Premium vehicle for a specified number of battles. Is it possible to offer something similar in Blitz?

Yes, it’s possible in Blitz as well. However, as of now we have more important and more interesting features to develop.

Will ReplayKit support for iOS be introduced in future?

We don’t know details regarding iOS 9 functionality, yet. That said, we are going to add replays so that players will be able to record their battles and share them with friends.

Should we expect new tier VIII Premium medium tanks, like the T-34-1 or the Type 59?

Yes, and very soon.

Is there any news on Clan battles?

Not yet.

How’s the progress on training rooms? Will they be introduced by the end of the year?

The functionality is ready, but there are certain areas that still need improvement. We’re working on training rooms, but it’s too early to talk about the exact dates.

Are you going to improve matchmaking for tier V vehicles? They’re often matched with tier VI and VII vehicles. If you’re lucky enough, you can get into a game against tier IV or V vehicles for maybe one out of ten battles. That makes tier V the most problematic tier in the game.

Good question. Yes, we have plans for this, and matchmaking for low tier vehicles will soon be completely reworked and significantly improved.

Will you add new medals in the next patch?

Not in the next update, but quite soon.

Are you planning on adding BT-7 artillery?

No, not currently.

Will you introduce any fun modes, like 8-bit battles in World of Tanks on PC?

Yes, we will introduce modes like this, but it will take some time.

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