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Developer Q&A – Game Design
2015-11-20 17:00:00 / News

I’m really concerned about the gun “antiblock;” i.e., when two vehicles meet head-on, their guns go through each other. Solving it might dramatically change battle tactics for the better. Players won’t collide, bearing in mind possible damage to themselves, and instead keep their distance and move more instead of simply aiming at grey dots and the gunner’s sight-doors. You could also block the gun with other geometry (if the gun collides with something, the turret cannot traverse), or hitting objects at high speed will lead to gun damage.

Thank you for an interesting suggestion. Everything you’ve described would certainly make the game more realistic, but introducing these mechanics would increase the number of damaged guns that were caught on buildings, vehicles, and other obstacles (taking into consideration our small-sized maps and the large number of vehicles). The current mechanics were decided during development, and while it’s not an entirely realistic model, we feel it’s more playable and friendlier.

When will you introduce emblems and camouflage to the game? Will they give any bonuses to vehicle characteristics? I understand that it’s not easy to give an accurate date, so I’d like to at least get an approximate time frame. 

We’re currently working on camouflage. If we don’t find any additional technical issues or bugs, you’ll be seeing camouflage in the game by the end of January or beginning of February. As for bonuses, camouflage will increase a vehicle’s concealment.

Earlier we heard that the developers were considering an increase in the number of Platoon players to three.

We’ve rejected the implementation of this feature, as three players would greatly affect random battles. Three Platoon players are already half a team, so, we think it’s more rational to introduce team game modes, where Platoons could play against each other.

In sniper view, I can often see a long-distance target that is partially covered by a hill or rock, but its contour isn’t highlighted. Why does this happen despite the enemy tank being in view? If I shoot at this target, the shell will hit the ground or an object. Is it a bug or game mechanics that I don’t understand?

The case is that we’ve developed an algorithm to facilitate the drawing of distant objects. It helps to improve performance on weak devices, but results in situations like the one you’ve described. Please send screenshots in to support, as it’ll help us find and fix these bugs.

I’d like to suggest a Public Test, like in World of Tanks for PC, be implemented for Blitz.

Currently, we only use supertests when particular features are tested by specially-selected players. Our workflow with quick patches does not allow for a Public Test format, but I’m sure that we’ll introduce something similar for major updates.

Are you going to introduce the depot?

We’re thinking of adding an inventory instead of the depot. The primary difference will be that players can place different items in the inevntory that they’ve received from specials, earned in battle or purchased in the Premium Shop.

How soon should we expect a new nation in Blitz? When will the French branch be introduced?

We’ll be adding the Japanese branch very soon. We haven’t made a final decision on the French branch, as it isn’t clear how it’ll impact existing gameplay.

In World of Tanks for PC there was an event called “White Tiger.” The task was to destroy one enemy Tiger tank together with your teammates. Are you going to introduce something like that in Blitz? I think that temporary events like that would be popular with Blitz players.

Currently, the “White Tiger” event is not a priority for us. We are, however, working on entirely new activities for Blitz, like you saw with Tankenstein.

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