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Developer Q&A – July 2015
2015-07-28 18:30:42 / News

What stops you from introducing vehicles with automatic loading to the game? Is it a balancing issue?

That’s right. To introduce such vehicles, they would have to go through all kinds of tests and not crash the gameplay.

When you add camouflage to the game, won’t it only be seen when playing on top devices? Will camouflage lower FPS?

No, camouflage will be seen on any device you use. And it will not lower FPS.

Are you planning to add the T-127 to the U.S.S.R. Tech Tree?

Eventually, yes.

Will the achievements High Caliber, Fire for Effect, and Duelist be added?

Sure, and very soon.

When will there be a mode/patch with camouflage, inscriptions, badges, and marks of excellence for guns on iOS?

This patch is coming quite soon.

What’s with nerfing the U.S.S.R. heavy tank branches? Usually these tanks are imbalanced, but newbies often upgrade these branches, which means they have the same statistics as the rest of players. Moreover, there are almost no vehicles to match the U.S.S.R. heavy tanks in battle.

The U.S.S.R. heavy tanks have their pros and cons, just like any other tank in the game. Each player chooses the vehicle that suits them best in terms of gameplay. The Soviet heavy tanks will not be rebalanced any time soon because we changed their performance characteristics recently.

I’d really like to see collision models in Blitz. Is there any chance this will be implemented?

Unfortunately, no, we won’t be doing collision models.

Are vehicle rebalancing decisions made based on the server statistics?

That’s correct.

I’d also like to see tabs with the hidden vehicle parameters (like crossing capacity, accuracy whilst moving, dispersion on turret traverse or vehicle movement, etc.). Or are these characteristics identical to the ones in World of Tanks on PC?

No, they are not identical, but the ratios are. In future, we plan to extend the information available to players, so that they are able to evaluate all vehicle parameters.

Will the achievement For Courageous Resistance be introduced? Sometimes, you cause more damage in the losing team than the top player in the winning one.

Thanks for the question. That is actually a great idea, which we are working on right now.

Is it possible to add a disable battle chat button to the Settings?

We are not planning to introduce this function. To us, the battle chat does not affect the gameplay, so there’s no need to disable it.

Will we be able to customize not only the reticle’s appearance, but also its color (change it to blue, red, or purple, for instance)? Green is barely noticeable on some of the maps with a summer setting.

Interesting idea, we’ll definitely give it some thought.

When will hit/penetration marks be introduced?

We do not have any plans for this in the near future.

Will players receive a notification on their devices when someone sends them a private message?

Yes. We are planning to introduce notifications like this as well as notifications for when friends are online.

Will you add the High Caliber, Demolition Expert, and Arsonist medals?

We will.

Are you going to introduce the effect where the turret gets blown off when the ammo rack is destroyed?

Yes, we are going to introduce this visual effect.

Everybody already knows that the British tank destroyer branch will be added. Will the FV215b 183 gun undergo a considerable rebalance in this regard?

The whole branch will be rebalanced. But don’t worry, the FV215b 183 will not lose its ability to inflict massive single-shot damage.

Should we expect Strongholds and the Global Map, or will clans only be used in skirmishes?

We will not just copy the existing World of Tanks functionality. Blitz will have its own interesting features and functionality, different from World of Tanks.

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