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Hello everyone, another “Developer Time” show took place on the Wargaming radio (RU only), here’s a transcript. Today’s topic was “graphics”. Answering were two guys – one a video-making derpartment developer (derpveloper?) and the other guy is from the game engine derpartment and deals with graphics.

– the derpartment of the graphics engine development consists of 15 people, but not all deal with the development directly. This is the “skeleton crew”.
– at first, the developer video about how to improve FPS was 30 minute long, but they had to cut it down to 15 minutes (SS: the video can be found here along with some translations, it was never made in English)
– in the future (summer of 2015), WG is planning series of videos, the topic of which will be “how to improve your FPS”
– there will also be an independent video (not tied to WoT), where various aspects of your computer will be explained: how to optimize its running, how to set the graphics, how to clean it, how to update your drivers etc.

– the minimum GPU required for WoT is Nvidia GT6800 from 2004
– with the CPU Intel Core 2 Duo or better processor, WoT should run fine
– 30FPS is the lower border, below it the game is unplayable according to developers. Optimal FPS is 50.
– the things that affect the FPS the most are the 3D render resolution (most important), screen resolution, anti-aliasing, shadow quality, lighting quality, water quality
– when buying a notebook for WoT, please pay attention not only to CPU (Core i3, Core i5), but also to the GPU
– on weak notebooks, set lower screen resolution, it will make it easier for GPU to work by an entire order
– a large percentage of players are still playing on old dualcore PC’s
– to create separate setting presets for every GPU or GPU group would be too complicated
– if you have an older computer, do not forget to clean it from dust, open it up and blow the dust away (vacuum clean it), it is really important
– the statement above applies even more for notebooks, it’s very important to clean them
– following GPU’s can be recommented for WoT – they are midrange and offer best price-to-power ratio: GeForce GTX 760, Radeon R7 265 and R7 260X
– especially notebooks HAVE to update GPU drivers, it’s completely possible that graphic artefacts in the game appear due to obsolete drivers
– putting cooling pads under older notebooks is a very good thing
– to keep FPS in WoT high, clean your computer every three months or so

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