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Not so long ago it was the video:

It Anton Pankov said that one of the prizes will soon withdraw from the market. He mentioned that the number of technology is growing rapidly. Let’s look at the amount of any prem tanks now growing fastest.

There is an assumption that this is the E 25, and here’s why …

Among all the Rewards for leading T34 – strand 8 lvl US – 822 641 pcs. But this is only because most of them had been an outstanding player without Donata when analyzed T34 ninth level was moved to eighth with a nerf did prizes, and all players who he was overclocked – just presented.

Played on all T34 659 522 430 fights, which is 3 times more than £ 25, but the T34 is in the game 5 times longer and are more than the number 200 000.

On the 2nd highest number of premiums is purchased T26E4 SuperPershing – 797,674 units. You should also take into account that it is on sale for more than £ 25 And after the nerf most of his fans to sell it for gold. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get accurate information, how many of these tanks is now the players, that is, we have to subtract sold, but they are clearly less than 797,674 pieces, because for the last 4 weeks “Superpersha” bought a 6505 times, 5 times less than £ 25

For comparison, the EC-6 was purchased 13,210 times, T34 – 9023, T-34-3 – 1894 and purchased 25 E 30166 ! At this rate, E 25 soon overtake all, and he was the only candidate to date for departure.

information is not officially confirmed, all this is just a personal reflection and analysis.

Information technology is taken from here – http://wot-news.com/stat/server/ru/norm/ru
Special thanks to Oleg for analytics.

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