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Discounts on Slots and Crew
2016-08-25 18:00:00 / Events

A trained Crew helps your tanks perform better, and Garage slots add space for more tanks — and we’ve slashed prices on both this weekend. As a bonus, we’ve got two new missions; one that’s repeatable and one that may take you all weekend to crack, but offers 100,000!

Begins August 26, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends August 29 18, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET Discounts

Crew Training to 75% 10% Credit Discount
Crew Training to 100% 30% Gold Discount

Crew Skill Reset (Skill Grade 1 – 6) 30% Gold Discount

5 Garage Slots 1,000 → 750 25% Discount
10 Garage Slots 1,800 → 1,260 30% Discount

Mission: Be In The Top 5 Damage Dealers on Your Team

Reward: x1.5 XP

Use tier IV-X vehicles Limit five times per day (doesn’t combine with first win bonus) Must win the battle Mission: Destroy 50 Enemies

Reward: 100,000

Use tier IV-X vehicles Once per account Only battles where you place in top 7 by damage will count towards enemies destroyed

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