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удаленный мониторинг компьютера
Virtually every large company management to ask questions that boils down to this: how well employees use available resources and their time. The difficulty lies in the fact that interviews or questionnaires did not reveal the real picture. The fact that some of the professional staff of manipulation is performed automatically, not even paying attention to the actions performed, and the concept of subjective enough, if we do not fix every action with a stopwatch in hand. But if you are really important to know what your hired workers, then you definitely need software for remote monitoring of computer .

What gives such programs

With this software you will be able to obtain reliable information about which of your employees work in good faith, and who just sits and enjoys time computer and Internet traffic company to visit entertainment sites. Setting on your work computer company specific programs, you will be able to carry out the most precise chronometric records the actions of each employee. And all this will be done automatically, extra effort to run the application is not required. In addition, it will work completely unnoticed by the staff themselves. You will have the opportunity at any time to obtain reliable information about the hour was turned on and off a specific computer, what programs and applications were run on it, what tasks were performed. In addition, you can monitor business correspondence employees of the company, in order to avoid leakage of sensitive information of a commercial secret.
If your employees during business hours or visit the entertainment portals on the Internet to communicate with their friends at school, it can be regarded as unfair attitude to his duties. But if you find attempts to contact competitors in order to transfer them to secret information concerning the activities of your company, then it is already possible to give a very different assessment. Given the high risk of information leakage, the issue of how honestly and correctly organize such control, it is not necessary. To remove all the questions quite openly warn everyone that the company carried out a similar observation.
In fact, the administration pays the salaries of their employees not for social networking or watching video entertainment. Taking specialist and setting him salary company thus buys his working time . And on this basis, has the full right to require the effective use of this expensive resource.

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