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Есть ли модный артиллерийский прицел в Мире Танков?
Hello fighters! A Anton Kudinov (it Profile in WoT) LJ described his vision scopes convenience MMO game “Peace crossbows and catapults” . And all it had to download and install modpak Bolzena to 0.9.2, which is one of the most comfortable scopes without any ryushechek etc. Or take and turn your attention to the games table , especially as hobbygames.ru released a board game World of Tanks Rush .
Well, okay, read on the author’s text:

About fashion and an artillery sight

Playing without modifications combat interface. Tried a few patches with mods – did not like.
Why do not you like? Causes:
– use of them absolute zero (specifically specify, for me)
– with each patch that does not work or modders out of the game;
– a waste of time to search, install, and trablshuting;
– as I work in IT, the degree of confidence in the code mods greatly reduced, it is one thing coders and testers HS who get paid for it, and another thing – did a mod for fun, I started it and well, I have nothing to anyone must;
– in conjunction with the preceding paragraphs – completely useless drop fps.

Also, I had a strong feeling that fashion harm (as measured by their statistics during the use of mods and games without them) as if there is any trigger: fashion? humiliate!

However, before the default sight was not very convenient to use because of the lack of time reloading. HS for a few patches finalized sights anyway now their arcade and sniper scope is perfect and nothing more is needed. But artillery is not affected.

Why can not I add:
– scale UGN;
– estimated time of reaching is the projectile;
– range of spread of the fragments.

Now I try to use art . Scope of Damocles Sword, again feeling that accuracy compared to the standard deteriorated.

I hope that Comrade kruta it will read, mark and sometime art. Sight will take final shape.

Comments about fashion purely personal, for me the most popular mods was to no avail, but
– modders to treat with respect;
– Fashion for me is useless because it does not know how they use, and to me they only hurt;
– no one teaching, do not advise anyone;
– SH, finish, pliz, art sight, so I turned on the computer, once the tanks were loaded, and not set up the sword of Damocles. UGN and time of flight of the projectile – quite obvious.

Reply from CVG

gives the author a night sight NSPUM-2 (1PN58) from their vaults Serbia and let the world to “Komarin” . Bespodsvetny (passive) night sight with electron-optical multiplier of the first generation. Intended for observation of the terrain at night, and aimed fire at night. Installed on machines antitank rocket grenade and forehead website. Azimuth mesh sight allows to determine the distance to targets with known dimensions. The brightness of the grid is not regulated and burns with a blue flame! The sight is equipped with a mechanism for introducing aiming angles, alignment height and direction. That’s it!

And what a sight in WoT you using?

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