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Documentary film «Made in China»

Jason, the protagonist of the film and owner of MetalBox, devoted himself entirely to the development of models of tanks. His metal rc tanks differ from the original only in size, and the amount of work that had to be done to create each, comparable to the development of this design.

The film shows and models in action, and the build process and working spaces with equipment on which the individual parts are machined. But the film – not about tanks, but about the enthusiast who wants to achieve perfection in your favorite business. His example, his attitude to his son and family, his dreams – inspiring.

Джейсон, главный герой документального фильма «Made in China»

History of filming – in comments Vyacheslav:

I wanted to make a film about people who are passionate about the tanks. The first part of this work was the film “T-34”, about the guys who restored the “Thirty”, the second part – about those who make replicas of tanks on a scale of 1: 4 and 1: 6.

Originally, I planned to shoot a story about the Russian engineer, but on a number of objective reasons, had to find a new hero. I stumbled upon a very simple and, apparently, a very old site – it was clear that The company is likely to amateur. I wrote them a letter and two weeks of waiting for an answer. Apparently, they do not often mail is checked. But the answer came, they wrote, that are alive, still engaged in tanks and do not mind if I came to visit them and took them about the movie. Told that they have a small factory, employees 10 people, and they have learned to mass-produce several models.

The site had pictures of these tanks – metal, not yet painted cars. They have been specially filmed in such a way to show the build quality. Later, Jason tells me as a historical consultant asked him to make a demo item, to ensure the quality of their work before starting long-term cooperation. In fact, the accuracy of their work is amazing, it is a feature of the Chinese approach to the pieces of product.

But when I came to China, I realized that this film should not be about tanks and about Jason : a person who persistently goes to his goal and achieves it, who knows what the work, and ready to make many sacrifices to see him off. We became friends and even found a lot in common besides the production of tanks, Jason wants to make a movie about the war, and it even has achievements.

During filming, we spoke in Chinese with assistance of an interpreter, and her comments were quite brief. So that only the house, after waiting the final translation is almost a half months, I realized how sincere and frank was Jason in his story.

Author of the idea, the producer, the director: Vyacheslav Makshun.
Operators: Michael Kashkan, Vyacheslav Makshun.
Directed assembly Alexander Cornflower.

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