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if you read the FTR evening QA regularily, you might have noticed one thing: Storm admitting that the E-25 is way too small. Or – to be specific: he did not admit it, he just listed the ingame client sizes. The thing is… those sizes do not match the bible of German armor design, the Panzer Tracts series of books by Hilary Doyle (who – in case you don’t know the name – is the most respected authority on German wartime vehicles in the world). Let’s have a look at how the sizes compare number-wise:

Ingame width according to Storm: 2,78 meters
Real width according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 3,41 meters

Ingame height according to Storm: 1,75 meters
Real height according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 2,03 meters

Ingame hull length according to Storm: 4,5 meters
Real hull length according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 5,66 meters

But how would such change look on the model? Well, Pantheist (EU) made a comparison, using the numbers above and made a model of how it would actually look, if the vehicle was made larger.




As you can see, the size increase is relatively high (width by 22 percent, height by 16 percent and length by 25 percent), so it’s likely that this would also come with some sort of camo factor nerf. There are two basic questions of course:

– does E-25 need nerfing?
– what about its premium status?

For the first question to be answered, it’s enough to have a look at the vehicle statistics in wot-news. The overall winrate of this vehicle is 50,2 percent on RU server (which is not so bad), but when you look at the skill curves, you’ll see that the vehicle is somewhat OP for any player above 48 percent winrate. So yes, it could use a little nerfbat.

But, of course, it’s a premium. And we all know what happens when premium stuff gets nerfed in any way. I am pretty sure that Wargaming wants to avoid “another Super Pershing” (as well as “another SU-76I”), or at least I was told as such. What baffles me is – why in that case did it take so long to pull from the store and why did Wargaming go like “buy them NOW, they are getting removed” – because what do you do when you have an OP vehicle? That’s right, you advertise it’s OP for a month before it gets pulled. *sigh*

I asked about it some folks at WG RU. Basically, E-25 is totally radioactive right now and noone wants to touch this issue – it’s a very popular vehicle and on RU server (or anywhere really) and if you nerf it, you’re going to be the Big Satan. Furthermore, there are allegedly other historical documents, that show the current E-25 dimensions as correct. I also asked Storm directly about this and he said he can’t tell me anything, so I guess it’s not decided yet on any level. We’ll just have to see.

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