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Well, I guess we were right all along, weren’t we… :)


TLDR: E-25 removed from Shop. Bla bla OP bla bla too many of them. Bla. Buy it in 100 EUR bundle after that. The vehicle will still be available

– until 22.12.2014 in the ingame shop
– until 15.1.2015 in the premium store

After that, it gets removed.

I mean… seriously? Announcing that you are removing a vehicle from sales because there are too many of them and then leave it in the sale for several more weeks, knowing that thousands more will buy it? Yea, that makes total sense. Is it just me, or is Wargaming lately really shifting towards more and more obvious moneygrabs?

Edit: oh, right, forgot. “Removed from the ingame shop” – 22.12., 30 percent discount on tier 7 TD’s starts on 24.12., we wouldn’t want you to get it for gold on discount now, would we…

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