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Source: http://mirtankov.su/novosti/wargaming-snimaet-dokumentalnyj-film

Hello everyone,

Wargaming (RU of course) announced that they are working on a documentary movie about the cybersports element of the game (life of cybersports players and such). As far as I can tell, this concerns only the Russian server, but Wargaming is actually asking players (who would like to appear in it) to step forward and send them their resume. There are following conditions:

– the shooting takes place in Minsk and will last for two weeks
– all the players have to pay for their “vacation” in Minsk themselves (travel, living expenses)
– only players with over 9000 battles and more than 60 percent winrate are allowed
– they have to have “clear understanding of cybersports component”

As a part of the movie, the chosen players will be trained by the player SL1DE from the team Na’Vi and there will be a preliminary stage in the “attack/defense” mode. In the end, only 7 best players will remain.

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