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Earn Discounts With Your Clan
2016-01-08 19:00:00 / News

Clan Supplies are arriving with Update 2.5 — they let Clan members access the ability to access special discounts in exchange for battling for their Clan. As your Clan’s “Supply Level” increases, you’ll be eligible to receive discounts on consumable items, vehicle repairs and vehicle purchases!

How to Earn Supply Points

Clan members battling in tier V-X vehicles will receive both “Personal Supply Points” and “Clan Supply Points.” Clan Supply Points go towards increasing your Clan’s “Supply Level” and the higher the Supply Level, the better discounts Clan members will have access to. Personal Supply Points are used to increase your access to your Clan’s discounts, ensuring that players taking advantage of the discounts have made a fair contribution to their Clan’s progress.

Both Personal Supply Points and Clan Supply Points are awarded at a 1:1 ratio according to the XP you earn in battle.

Example: You finish a battle in a tier VII vehicle and earn 750 XP. Your Clan will receive 750 Clan Supply Points while you receive 750 Personal Supply Points.

Clan Supply Level Point Costs

Supply Level Clan Supply Point Cost Personal Supply Point Cost 1 – – 2 1,000,000 30,000 3 4,000,000 80,000 4 7,000,000 130,000

* “Personal Supply Point Cost” refers to the amount of Personal Supply Points needed to access discounts at that Supply Level

Discounts and Bonuses

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Engine Power Boost 5%       First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher   5%     Repair Kit     5%   Resupplying Multi-Purpose Restoration Kit       5% Extra Combat Rations, Chocolate, Case of Cola, Pudding and Tea, Onigiri, Improved Combat Rations     5%   Vehicle Repair Discounts       2% Vehicle Purchase Discount   5% 5% 5%

As of Update 2.5, Supply Level 4 will be the maximum. This will be extended in future updates.

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