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Earn Prizes with Push Missions
2016-06-13 16:00:00 / News

Soon we’ll start sending out “Push Missions:” objectives only announced via push notifications. Complete them for the chance to win some great stuff in-game. We won’t be announcing exactly when these Push Missions will begin, so be sure your notifications for Blitz are enabled and ready to be received!

Details After a Push Mission is sent out, you’ll have three hours to complete the objective Anyone who completes the mission objectives within three hours will be entered to win Missions must be completed in Random Battles (Training Room battles won’t count) This isn’t just for mobile devices; both Windows 10 and Mac OS X support notifications! How to Enable Push Notifications

Make sure that you enable push notifications if you want to receive Push Missions. They’re turned on in-game, but you may need to enable them in your operating system’s settings as well.

Instructions (In-Game) Select the dropdown menu in the upper left of the Garage screen Select the “Settings” tap Select the “Other” tab Make sure that “Push Notification” is set to “Enabled”

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