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Earn Two Chinese Premium Tanks in "New Moon"
2017-01-25 12:00:00 / News

Beginning February 27, you can earn one of two new Premium tanks as part the New Moon marathon event. Like past marathon events, you’ll have to complete a series of stages to earn a tank, but after the third stage, you’ll have a choice: go after either the Blaze WZ tier VII tank destroyer, or the Glacial 112 tier VIII heavy tank .

To complete stages you’ll need to earn the requisite amount of Lunar Charms and Dragon Fangs from playing battles and completing missions. But you can also complete stages using Gold.

Blaze WZ

Glacial 112

New Moon Earning Stage: Begins: Jan. 27 16:00 PT (19:00 ET)
Ends: Feb. 10 16:00 PT (19:00 ET) Lunar Charms

One charm is earned for each XP earned in battle.

Premium time increases the amount of Charms earned by 50% XP bonuses (x2, x3, x5) do not affect the amount of Charms earned XP from missions does not count towards earning Charms Dragon Fangs

Earned by completing missions.

Completing higher tier missions will earn more Dragon Fangs The amount of Dragons Fangs earned is displayed in the mission description Premium time does not affect the amount of Fangs earned New Moon Purchase Stage: Ends: Feb. 17 16:00 (19:00 ET)

After the end of the earning stage, you’ll still be able to finish incomplete stages using Gold. 

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