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Earn Two Premium Tanks in "Night Hunt"
2016-10-07 16:00:00 / Events
On the longest night of the year, an ancient prophecy comes true! Take part in “Night Hunt” and help decide the final battle between Dracula and Helsing.

Beginning October 10, work your way towards earning two very special Premium tanks by completing a series of parallel missions. You can earn either the T6 Dracula medium tank or the Helsing H0 tank destroyer. Complete one string of missions for one vehicle, or complete all missions and get both!

Take Part in Night Hunt

To earn the T6 Dracula and H0 Hellsing, you’ll need to acquire Tokens of Light and Seals of Darkness.

Tokens of Light

Earned at a 1:1 ratio with XP, with Premium time boosting your earnings by 50%. XP modifiers (x2, x3, or x5) and XP for missions completed will not count towards the Tokens of Light you earn.

Seals of Darkness

Earned by completing special missions. Completing missions with higher-tier vehicles will earn you more Seals, but Premium time won’t impact the amount you earn.

Get your battles in! You have until October 24 to earn Tokens of Light and Seals of Darkness.

The Unstoppable T6 Dracula

This black-clad tier VII medium tank is the embodiment of Dracula… as 30 tons of steel. Much like his form as a bat, the T6 Dracula can be difficult to contain — the tank’s tracks are protected from the first direct hit, and if damaged, will repair themselves in less than two seconds. But don’t get too cocky, because the T6 Dracula is weak to fire.

The Relentless H0 Hellsing

The stylish detail of Hellsing’s tier VII tank destroyer may distract you from its deadly firepower. The H0 Hellsing fires two shots in quick succession with a single press of the “fire” button. Dangerous, indeed!

Tank Stats

Tanks from the Crypt

As this event runs, your Garage will also be crawling with ghoulish details.

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