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1. EC-5 is scheduled to be accrued as a prize at the end of the upcoming Event on GC. Thus, they will only be able to own clan players who will actively participate in the activities of the company.
2. EC-5 is a premium tank level 8, players will be able to expand its range of equipment for farming silver is especially important it will be for those who already have a hangar Soviet heavy tank IS-6.
3. One of the main distinctive sides of the tank is that he, unlike his classmates IP-6, has in his ammunition piercing projectiles instead of the usual armor. Thus, players will be able to feel the positive difference in penetration and in the economic component – these shells are available for purchase for gaming silver. Besides this, the EC-5 has a cumulative projectiles that will operate successfully even against tanks at higher levels.
4. Booking EC-5 allows for a more aggressive game, compared with IP-6, also contributes to this good speed, which is nominally even higher than that of IS-3.
5. On set of the parameters of IP-5 is a confident alternative to heavy tank IS-6, as well as to demonstrate the fact that the owner of the new technology is a successful player, so how to get the tank will be possible only through participation in the gaming activity.

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