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Equipment: An Overview
2014-10-21 10:33:00 / Guides

As you battle hard and begin to get your vehicle into fighting shape, you’ll begin to accumulate valuable Credits. Credits can be used to improve your combat effectivess in a number of ways. You can upgrade tank modules, purchase consumables, and resupply your vehicle with necessary ammunition. One additional valuable option is buying equipment.

What does Equipment do?

Equipment enhances your vehicles combat statistics. This means, if you want to see farther, aim faster, or ram harder, equipment is your best friend. In World of Tanks Blitz, each vehicle can mount many different pieces of equipment, depending on vehicle type and tier.

Want to enhance the speed of repairs? A toolbox is at your disposal. Binoculars and Coated Optics will increase your view range; an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive will improve your aiming speed.

How do I mount Equipment?

Select your vehicle of choice in the Garage and click any of the “+” boxes labeled Equipment. These buttons open your Equipment menu. Here you can decide which three pieces of Equipment suit your play style and best enhance your vehicle.

How do I pick the right Equipment?

There are several things to consider when selecting equipment. Consider your vehicle type: light, medium, heavy, or tank destroyer. Consider that type’s weaknesses and strengths and its role in battle. Consider your own play style. Perhaps most importantly, consider your experience fighting in that vehicle.

Is your Sherman’s ammo rack prone to explosion? Perhaps you need the “Wet” Ammo Rack Equipment. Does your Leichttraktor take too long to aim? Perhaps you need an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

Be sure to experiment with different equipment to find the balance that suits you best!

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