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In the last round Wargaming.net League Kung-Fu.PB sensationally defeated Natus Vincere and now are the absolute leaders of the group stage. On the eve of the fifth week of matches Staff interviewed the team manager Anna Taranova.

«Киберспорт — это работа». Интервью с менеджером PlayBetter

– to present to our readers: not everyone knows who you are and what you do.
– My name is Anne, I live in Moscow, at the moment is the manager of the two teams participating in the Gold Series : PlayBetter and Kung-Fu.PB.

– What is the organization PlayBetter, what it does? Why does it pay attention to the compositions of World of Tanks and it now?
– PlayBetter – this is the first gaming house in Russia. The main activity of our house – broadcast, manuals on various games, to spread on YouTube-channel.

World of Tanks initially it was decided to take as a basis for content creation and further development. Moreover, one of the original direction of the organization was chosen PlayBetter eSports, which is now becoming popular. These two factors have affected and to cooperate with the compositions of World of Tanks.

– What place in the organization is engaged in you?
– I am the manager. My duties include the organization of training, all the red tape and help the teams in the field of media.

– What kind of people come to the formation of cyber managers? Interestingly your way to this work.
– At the moment I received some higher education: international law, translation and translation studies, acting skills and direction. I think that all three of these specialties in varying degrees of help in my work today, affect the decisions I make.

But my path to e-sports started rather than through education, but in spite of him, when I received a serious injury during the study, had no choice but to spend a lot of time in the game – that’s how it all began. First game in the team, then “increase” to the player and manager all rolled into one. But, unfortunately, the team played poorly playoff Silver Series, missed the opportunity to go to the Gold Series, split, and after the change of format, I moved to another team solely on managerial positions.

– whether to play in the “tank” itself?
– Yes, has played so far, but much less: time on the gameplay is almost there.

– eSports – predominantly male affair. Is it hard to get used to the girl in this environment? Is there no problems in leadership by men, young and not so?
– In response to these questions, I always try to stress that everything I do as a manager, I do not stop the fact that I’m a girl. In general, I did not notice that to me once in a special treat other managers / captains. Still, the main thing – it’s the enthusiasm, mood, attitude, interest, and not that girl or guy you are. Regarding the management believes that it is the wrong wording. I would rather help, guide, and not supervise. So, of course, no problem. At least, I think so.

«Киберспорт — это работа». Интервью с менеджером PlayBetter

– How many trips and “field trips” with the manager PlayBetter or mostly office work?
– At the moment, the work is more remote in nature, and the need for business trips there.

– PlayBetter sponsoring 3 teams at once World of Tanks. Why?
– decided to take young compounds that only came out of the Silver Series, and one more experienced. It is interesting to work with different, diverse teams.

– Are there differences in the contracts of the teams? Roughly speaking, whether there is a main team and the rest are either all equal? ​​
– We do not give out any command of the three contracts at all identical. But the information on them is confidential. I can only say that at the first stage of the season it was decided to reward the team for any progress in the tournament. And next season high probability of salaries.

– The question of the WGL and changes of the new season. Mediaaktivnost teams, long season games only on weekends, the two teams in the final studio. What do you like what you think a mistake?
– Mediaaktivnost – a big plus for both teams, and for the development of e-sports popularity in general. A long season that fell on all three summer months, with weekly games on weekends – on the one hand, not the best solution. Still summer – the examinations, sessions, holidays, many players combine all this hard. But on the other hand, it has more time to prepare, analyze previous games. Even in the plus – the number of spectators in the evening in the output still more.

Probably the most talked about and condemns the moment – it’s two teams in the final studio. It is on the LAN-finals could somehow manifest themselves especially beginners (WP.SC6 – memorable example), it was interesting to look for different teams, players, yet the scene and change the situation in the game and much more affect change. And now we are deprived of this.

– Are you looking broadcast Gold Series? What would you like to add on the air?
– Of course, I watch the broadcast and the CIS, and Europe, it’s fun! What to add? I would like to see the game in the first person (to see that it makes the player).

– From this phenomenon, Kung-Fu? The team was not even the best in the Silver Series, with the “tears” of all in the top flight. What binds them success, and why are they?
– Kung-Fu.PB – a young and active team, the current composition of which is collected in September 2014. To challenge the statement “was not the best in the Silver Series»: the team has qualified easily in Silver, played great season. Of the 22 games played 21 ended with the victory, and the team received a deserved place in the Gold Series. Thrust training and desire to win – the key to success. The main thing is that everyone in the team knew: eSports – a potential job.

– Last season was a similar team – NSS Team. Very vigorous first part of the group stage and the second a failure, which coincided with the release of a new version of the game. Do you fear that the Kung-Fu expects similar fate?
– Guessing will not talk about the success can only be at the end of the season.

– Sunday’s match against Na`Vi – what do you say about him? Is it fair to the judges’ decision?
– It was an interesting, difficult and serious match. I think it was at a decent level.

– to assess the reaction of players and team manager Na`Vi an unexpected defeat.
– absolutely normal reaction to adequately accept defeat, knowing that made mistakes.

«Киберспорт — это работа». Интервью с менеджером PlayBetter

– eSports What awaits in the future? ESports in World of Tanks, in particular.
– I think now we eSport enough money and opportunities for development, and we are already witnessing this process.

In a short time it will become more and more popular, probably will be on a par with the real sport.

If we talk specifically about World of Tanks, probably, it all depends on how much effort and resources will put developers and the future certainly is!

– Your three major decisions, whether you head in the direction of eSports Wargaming.
– An interesting question, makes you wonder. Perhaps the introduction of eSports client or server, which would be carried out all the tournaments training. And while game updates, go during the season, did not involve eSports – if they are not tailor-made for him, of course.

There was also the idea of ​​cyber festivals with tournament among amateur and semi-professional teams, show matches the known compositions – to add more exciting features to the public, sponsors stands. It will attract the audience and the players and various organizations. And third, to the sore: after all four teams in the regional finals.

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