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[1,999,003] First, let us recall that recently came out videodaydzhest completely dedicated undergone Grand Final . Look, there’s a lot of interesting things.

Second, the offer to see the videos that prepared our kibersportsmeny leisure tournament time. AMX 13 57 came up to our professional players.

[1,999,003] Dmitry Frishman aka [1,999,016] SL1DE [1,999,014] won with his team NA`VI bronze medals in the tournament than, I think, not quite satisfied. Nevertheless, he was not discouraged, and continues to make a very interesting and instructive video. In a new category “Work on our mistakes,” Dima once again demonstrates the skills and points to common mistakes when you play the AMX 13 57 [1,999,004]

[1,999,028] [1,999,030 ]

Aleksey Nogin aka Arclit gave his team unexpectedly worse than they expected. the program “Mission: Impossible” Alex also tried mascot of the Grand Final. What came out of it, see below. Only 5-8 place is clearly not what the guys counted. B

full swing the first season ladder when “Team Deathmatch”, which will end major tournament with a solid prize fund of 1.4 million units of the game gold. Play and win!

Videodaydzhest Grand Final

Entries matches Grand Final

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