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Hello everyone,

Anton “Evilly” Pankov (WoT producer, which means not just random community guy) is asking players a bunch of questions, let’s help him out a bit! In case you are interested in answering – go ahead. Offtopic, trolling and profanities will be deleted (and punished by RO), so please be reasonable. You wanted a say in WoT development? Well, now he’s listening.

1) What do you think is wrong in current random battles? (Evilly: no skill MM) Anything missing?
2) What are your goals in random battles? (grinding, high stats, farming missions…)
3) What do you think about garage battles in random and garage battles in general? (on tier 10 for example) – if you like it, why? Aren’t you afraid of leavers?
4) What do you think of a FFA (free for all, deathmatch – not duel) mode? On tier 8,9,10
5) What do you think of a team PvP Battleground mode with checkpoints (MOBA without AI)
6) What mode (solo or platoon, not requiring teams) is according to you the most suitable for tanks? Offer your own
7) If you want to, make a proposition for your own mode for random battles (like assault, encounter etc.)

So, here’s your chance to shine. I will link it to him if the comments are any good.

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