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Hello everyone,

because many butts were hurt and many bricks were shat under the earlier IM post (mostly due to artillery presence), Evilly (WG RU producer) decided to react and to explain the situation:


“You can stop being butthurt about the artillery. It’s just one of the possible variants. There are 5 branches of missions (LT, MT, HT, TD and Artillery), but it’s possible that in order to get the tank, you will have to complete 4 out of 5 without suffering playing the arty.”

He however confirmed that it’s possible platoons will be a requirement of some of the missions. He added that earlier, there were two ways how to do the missions – either remove the arty missions altogether, or to make the requirement 4 out of 5. Currently, they are working with the second variant. The missions are tied not to nations, but to vehicle classes.

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