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Hello everyone,

WoT producer Anton “Evilly” Pankov made a short interview for one Russian video blog or something. In it:

Individual missions will not arrive with the 9.5 patch. They will be implemented and activated only after the Russian New Year marathon is over (15.1.2015). It’s likely that the datum is valid for EU as well, since the T-34-85M mission is ending on 15.1.2015 also. IM’s be split to seasons, with one season taking cca half a year. They will be separated by difficulty (StuG will be easy to get for everyone, while Object 260 will be obtained only by the most skilled players).

Currently, all the “leaked” numbers (requirements) from IM’s are testing versions only. Evilly also confirms that you will be able to get the woman crews, but there will also be other items as rewards for the missions: consumables, equipment, credits and premium account days.

Regarding the Russian marathon, there will be a different reward than T-34-85M for Russian server, it will be a vehicle, that “never appeared on any other server than the Chinese one”, so my guess would be WZ-111, but who knows.

Anyway, back to Evilly – developers actually developed the mechanism for renting of premium vehicles, they are testing it now. As a first step, this mechanism appears only on Chinese server and after its results, WG will decide whether to introduce it to main regions or not. Oh and about the PvE, it’s possible that the mode will have “raid bosses” á la White Tiger or Ratte.

And that’s all.

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