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Hello everyone,

Anton “Evilly” Pankov, WG producer, recently answered some question for WoT Fan channel. Here’s a summary.

– there are 11 new tanks in 9.5, because there will be two tier 5′s and two tier 6′s (5: Sherman, Archer, 6: Firefly and Achilles)
– tier 10 British MT will not be replaced in 9.5
– Evilly confirms that the 9.5 branch will bring Archer, Charioteer (on tier 8) and Firefly
– tier 10 in 9.5 will be “quite mobile and agile” vehicle FV4005
– 9.5 will bring new Individual Missions (missions of various difficulties with tanks as rewards)
– the IM tanks include T28 Concept, T-55A and Object 260

Evilly also confirms that as a part of the New Year mission marathon, WG will allow you to get “unique tank, that wasn’t introduced to the game yet” in a mission (SS: T-34-85M and Grosstraktor apparently)

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