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Broadcast under spoiler

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June 2 at 19:00 (GMT) on a server RU1 [1,999,009] will pass a special broadcast dedicated to the exit game event “Excellence” . Developers play platoon, will talk about how the idea to create a new profile, as well as to answer some popular questions. In addition, each player will have the opportunity become the owner days of premium account and the game gold.

Composition platoon developers
  • Alex Inaki Ilyin
  • Ulan LlGHTMAN Toleugaziev
  • Award for participation

    All virtual tankers, got into another fight with the developers have a chance to earn 1000 . All you need to do – to win. The award will get all the players of the winning team, regardless of which side will be playing squad developers.

    In addition, the player who has made the fight for the maximum number of victory points, will receive monthly premium account.

    But that’s not all: the player who inflicted the maximum amount of damage the enemy tanks in a battle with developers, too, will receive monthly premium account!

    Warning! Awards are summarized. That is, if you inflict the maximum amount of damage will type the maximum number of points victory and defeat – and you get two months of premium account, and 1000 !


    [1,999,027] See you in Live!

    broadcast will be more convenient to watch from the hangar or on a special stream portal.

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