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Features of game event
Scoring victory

Victory Points are awarded for destroying enemies, causing damage and capture resource points.

[1,999,022] 15 to 15


[1,999,022] number of victory points for destroying enemy [1,999,027]

[1,999,022] 3

[1,999,022] 1


The number of victory points on a base

[1,999,022] 25


[1,999,022] The number of points to win early victory

[1,999,022] 400




[1,999,100] Resource point

[1,999,006] Fighting in a new game format conducted over control of resource points. On each card there are three such points. Points are neutral, they can capture both teams. To capture a player needs to drive into it, and then it will gradually move the resource in the “piggy bank” of the team, bringing victory points. If the tank gets an exciting point of the damage, the progress stops for a few seconds, but it can not be reset. Capture also stops if the resource at the same time is coming from different teams.

After the resource point was exhausted, she goes to recharge and becomes available again after 100 seconds.


Martial reserves

In combat, you can use martial reserves:

  • “Shelling”;
  • “Airstrike”.

Martial reserves are available directly in combat, as a reward for active steps: applying damage and destroy the enemy. To use the allowance, you must press 7 or 8 and select the area of ​​application. Moreover, for “air strikes” must also indicate the direction with the mouse.

Revival in combat

Combat vehicles are awarded free of charge during the start of the game events. To start the battle, you need to prepare all these tanks and click “Join the Battle!”. It is also possible to install the equipment, the equipment is already available and transplanted into the hangar crew retrain his game credits or gold.

In order to participate in the gaming event available five tanks

  • Bat.- Châtillon 25 t (n)
  • [1,999,211] EC-7 (R)

    [1,999,211] Leopard 1 (P)

    [1,999,211] T57 Heavy (P)

    [1,999,211] “Object 268 (R).”


    The performance characteristics of these machines are completely consistent with the existing analogues in the game.

    [1,999,006] After the destruction of the player can choose the next tank, where it will return to fight. At the same time select a previously destroyed in this battle tank is impossible.

    Important! The game event “Excellence: Steel Fury” limited number of revivals – one for each tank.

    planned duration of the testing game event – one day.

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format game event 10 10
The number of victory points for inflicting 1000 damage [1,999,027] 1