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On July 2, 21:00 (GMT) within the second general test update 9.9 becomes available test version of the game event “Excellence: Steel Fury.” Its distinctive features – the struggle for resource points and the ability to use combat reserves “shelling” and “Airstrike”.

The fights will be held between the two teams on four cards. Depending on the card in each team is 10 or 15 players. Standard combat – 15 minutes.

main task – to score more victories than rivals. If one of the teams gains a certain number of points before the outcome of the battle of time, the victory scored early. The number of points needed to win early, depending on the number of players in the team: 250 victory points for the format 10×10 and 400 points for winning battles 15×15.

The battles will take place on the following maps:

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