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Excelsior and Ke-Ni Otsu on Sale!
2015-11-12 18:20:00 / Premium Shop
Both the Ke-Ni Otsu and the Excelsior are making their first appearance in Blitz, so we’ve rolled out the red carpet and welcomed them with a couple of exciting bundles! Here’s the rundown on both tanks and why they’re worth adding to your Garage!

The Ke-Ni Otsu is a light tank with great speed, perfect for outflanking heavier tanks and relaying enemy positions to the rest of your team. While its gun has a good rate of fire, you’ll want to avoid head-to-head brawling and focus on utilizing your speed and scouting potential.

The Excelsior is a heavy tank, but it’s fast and maneuverable compared to the medium tanks in its tier. Use that speed to attack the flanks of stronger vehicles while keeping in mind to protect your own; the Excelsior’s front armor is much thicker than its side armor. The Excelsior’s gun has a great rate of fire and good side gun depression, but it’s most effective up close! It also boasts preferential matchmaking.

Available Friday, November 13, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET
Ends Thursday, November 26, 01:00 PT / 04:00 ET

Ke-Ni Otsu Bundle – $4.99Japanese Tier III LT Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu 1 Garage Slot 200 FREE: 1 Day of Premium Excelsior Bundle – $11.99British Tier V HT Excelsior 1,050 FREE: 1 Garage Slot


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