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In late April, the company announced the withdrawal Wargaming 4 premiumnyh machines from sale in WoT. Gradually, in transit through the premium shop to buy a “goodbye” each individually, or all at once in bulk. Editorial Wot-planet on the basis of this decided to recall what kind of devices we lose …

not in the kingdom of Far Far Away and even tridesyatom state, and very Kingdom Tanks Machine, there lived four companion: thick, long, big-eyed and deceivers. It has long lived, few people remember in which the patch from release Tank they appeared to light.

Глазастый, Толстый, Длинный и Обманщик
most youngest of them, big-eyed, he was the smallest and inconspicuous. The enemy could see almost on the horizon – no wonder it is called big-eyed. Strong it was – hit precocious. Senior secretly loved to offend, and peers, and could do with two strikes vacation Hangar send. Not just a little lucky with heredity – parents were very slow, clumsy and Glazastenky all they went. How many times have all been around in full frolic, fun in full swing – and he comes late, and when it’s all over. Nature and loved almost all the time fiddling with various plants.

Глазастый, Толстый, Длинный и Обманщик
Tolstoy was one of the weakest among its peers, although since childhood wanted to be big and strong. To seem more and more threatening, he always wore armor, but they are not really helped him. Tolstoy loved to absorb huge amounts of hamburgers and drank their Coke. As a result, it has become really thick and clumsy for which it is often battered and from seniors and classmates. And Tolstoy was the most blind of our company and often received from schelbany entrenched in the bushes, and other big-eyed boys, being simply unable to see the them. The only thing that saves him is a hard forehead that he could substitute for any strikes are not afraid to fill their cones, as well as his natural obstinacy and thick skin.

Глазастый, Толстый, Длинный и Обманщик
From all our four most magnificent nature jeer at length. She made it very dliiiiinnnnnnyyyyym and very slow, thus turning into a target for ridicule podkolok (as the poor are not only called for the eyes and “sausage” and “hot dog” and “sausage”). Long first very from complexes about this, but eventually learned to use their weaknesses to their advantage. He made it clear to people that it’s terribly slow, coupled with the size bears a certain charm. The way he moves in space can be compared only with that as sailing luxury cruise ship – a leisurely and noble. Long became a popular pet, and to meet him was considered a rare good fortune and aristocratic (Long was of royal blood!), Only confirmed that he would rather “limousine” than a “sausage.”

Глазастый, Толстый, Длинный и Обманщик
The fourth one was the most controversial of our quartet. He always told everyone that he was an American, dressed appropriately, but his German accent and something elusive betrayed him typical burgher. Surrounding it is designated as “Wolverine”, but people called him among themselves deceivers. Because of its oddities, Deceiver not won a special popularity among the inhabitants of the kingdom, is largely undeserved. Few people could see it quite good shooter and a reliable companion that can support in difficult times. Everybody always thought that he is not one of whom claims to be, but could not understand with whom he resembles.

Perhaps the aforementioned comrades would have lived his life on himself. Eyed spying would be behind all the bushes, thick continued to build itself from the “big guy” Long amaze everyone with its equanimity and Twister have all continued to take over the other, but there was a story that combined these completely different residents Tank Kingdom.

One fine morning the king Sergey of I issued a decree according to which the four of us deprived of the right of permanent residence within the borders of his kingdom. From what he had taken such a decision – one VBRu known. Rumor has it that became a big-eyed too far to see thick grown too thick sides, Long began to irritate his generosity, and Twister again took over another.

Глазастый, Толстый, Длинный и Обманщик
But not all so sad as it seemed. Tricky King allowed our heroes occasionally stay in their possessions, so if you see someone of the four tanks in the Kingdom, be sure to greet him, because these meetings will occur less and less.

For those who are in the tank big-eyed – FCM 36 Pak.40, thick – T14, Long – TOG II *, Twister – Panther / M10.

Good holds the May holidays, and you the same advice: shimannogo

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